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Huang, Lijun

D. 86-21-2310-9497

T. 86-21-2310-8288

F. 86-21-2310-8299


Practice Areas

Dr. Huang is a partner of Global Law Office based in Shanghai. Dr. Huang has a particularly strong background in pharmaceutical and healthcare industrial sectors. Her main practice areas are intellectual property and intellectual property dispute resolution , covering Patent Law, Anti-unfair Competition Law. She has over 15 years of experience.


Dr. Huang is one of the few professionals in China who has complete experience and comprehensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, patent infringement litigation, patent invalidation & administrative litigation, trade secret infringement litigation.and patent industrialization. In addition to standard services such as intellectual property dispute resolution, FTO analysis, patentability analysis, patent stability analysis, and patent ownership dispute resolution, Dr. Huang is capable of providing clients with efficient and practical advice in contract negotiations, contract terms design, and resolution of disputes, for her extensive experience in the industry.


Dr. Huang excels at elevating practice to theory, having published numerous academic papers in SCI and CSSCI journals. Her doctoral research, "The Doctrine of Equivalent Infringement under the Dual System" filled a gap in the field of Patent Law research in China.

Work Experience

Dr. Huang joined Global Law Office as a partner in 2023. Prior to joining GLO , Dr.Huang worked at a leading Red Circle law firm.

Dr.Huang worked at Beijing Chest Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University after graduation from Peking University Medical Center .

Dr. Huang worked at State Intellectual Property Office of China as a patent examiner focusing the field of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology.

Dr.Huang was once a member of the BD (Business Development) team at Hansoh Pharmaceutical (03692.HK), a leading Chinese pharmaceutical group.

Dr. Huang was responsible for or participated in numerous project evaluations and transactions. Before joining Hansoh Pharmaceutical, Dr. Huang worked at the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court.


Chinese Bar

Chinese Patent Bar


Peking University Medical Center, Master of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Juris Doctor

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