Our competence in innovation and solving complex problems is unique in the PRC. Over the last forty years, our deep understanding and application of law have helped set the agenda for change through precedents involving many of the country’s ‘firsts’.

Corporate / Merger & Acquisition
  • The first reverse merger case in which a red chip Hong Kong listed public company spins off part of its China business to list on A share market

    In 2014,Skyworth Digital Holding Ltd, a Hong Kong listed public company, achieved the spin-off and listing of its domestic set-top box business (valued at RMB 3.5 billion) via China Resources Jinhua Co., Ltd. in A share market

  • The first state-owned red chip company listed in Hong Kong to acquire the controlling interest in an A-share company listed in China by means of a reverse takeover

    In 2009, Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited (3382.HK) acquired shares in Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd. (600717.SH) from Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd. for a total consideration of HK$10,961 million

  • The first foreign general offer targeting Chinese companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    In 2002,SAB Miller’s general offer to buy Harbin Brewery Group in 2002

Capital Markets and Securitization
  • The first green and blue double certified China corporate Bond USD in Greater China
    In 2021, GLO provided legal services for the issuance of USD 500 million bonds by CSSC (Hong Kong) Shipping Company Limited in Hong Kong, which is the first China corporate Bond to obtain green and blue certification at the same time

  • The First Panda Bonds issued by a Macau SAR Issuer
    In 2021, GLO has advised Luso International Banking Limited on its issuance of the first Panda Bonds issued by a Macau SAR Issuer

  • The world’s first simultaneous issuance of tri-product ESG bonds (i.e. green, transition and sustainability-linked bonds)
    In 2021, GLO has advised China Construction Bank on its landmark multi-currency environmental, social and governance (ESG) bonds issuance, which marks a number of market-firsts in ESG finance

  • The first-ever offering of the US-dollar green subordinated perpetual capital notes by an Asia-Pacific corporate issuer
    In 2021, GLO has advised GLP Singapore on its successful offering of the US-dollar green subordinated perpetual capital notes

  • The first-of-its-kind Shanghai FTZ bonds issued by a non-mainland China incorporated entity, and the first-of-its-kind issuance of USD-denominated Shanghai FTZ bonds
    In 2021, GLO has advised GLP China Holdings Limited on its successful issuance of USD-denominated bonds in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Shanghai FTZ)

  • The first offshore supplementary capital instruments issued by Chinese financial leasing companies

    In 2020, China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. successfully issued the first offshore supplementary capital instruments

  • The first RMB dim sum bond in Central Asia

    In 2020, China Construction Bank Astana Branch successfully issued 1 billion offshore RMB bonds in the international bond capital market. The first landed in Central Asia was issued in offshore RMB and was jointly traded on the Astana International Exchange and Hong Kong Listed simultaneously

  • First Coronavirus Combating Panda Bonds Issued by International Financial Organisations

    In 2020, New Development Bank issued Coronavirus Combating Bonds

  • The first case in Chinese capital market in which a red chip architecture company directly issues A stocks and lists in domestic China

    In 2020, China Resources Microelectronics Limited (688396.SH) listed on Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange

  • The first perpetual bond issued by domestic non-bank financial institution

    In 2019, China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd.’s 2019 RMB1.5 billion perpetual bond (phase I)

  • The first China Industrial Internet SaaS (Software as a Service) listing

    In 2019, Fangduoduo.com  (DUO) listing on Nasdaq Stock Exchange

  • First offshore RMB bond listed in Hong Kong and Macau

    In 2019, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. successfully issued 1 billion offshore RMB bonds in the bond markets of Hong Kong and Macau

  • The first domestic rail transit company to optimize financing and supervise corporate bonds

    In 2019, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. third bond

  • The first international development agency RMB bond that has been registered and successfully issued (since the new rules for Panda bonds were issued in September 2018)

    In 2019, New Development Bank successfully issued RMB 3 billion in bonds

  • The first issuance of Panda Bonds by an international company in the PRC

    In 2014, Daimler AG successfully issued Panda Bonds

  • The first issuance of CNY bonds in Hong Kong, London and Taiwan markets

    Between 2008 and 2013, the Dim Sum and Island Bonds issued by China Construction Bank Corporation Ltd as the first batch of Mainland-background issuers

  • The first OTC derivatives master agreement and relevant definitions documents in the PRC

    Between 2007 and 2013, the key drafting member for the NAFMII Master Agreement and its Definitions

  • The first credit risk mitigation agreement (the Chinese equivalent of CDS) and credit risk mitigation warrants in the PRC

    In 2009, the CRMA and CRMW issued by China Bond Insurance Co., Ltd. as protection seller

  • The first SOE red chip company listed in Hong Kong to acquire controlling interest in an A-share company listed in China

    In 2009, Tianjin Port Development Holdings Limited (3382.HK) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Grand Point Investment Limited, acquired from Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd 951,512,511 shares in Tianjin Port Holdings Co., Ltd. (600717.SH).

  • The first issuance of medium-term notes in the PRC interbank bond market

    In 2008, Huadian Group as the first batch of issuers

  • The first onshore asset securitisation transaction

    In 2003, Securitisation of financial receivables of RMB13.25 billion of China Huarong Asset Management Company

  • The first offshore securitisation transaction, backed by receivables generated from PRC-based originators’ offshore receivables

    In 1997, COSCO offshore freight receivables securitisation project

  • The first and second N-Share offering and listing of PRC-based enterprises on the New York Stock Exchange

    In 1992, Brilliance Automotive China Holdings Ltd and in 1994, China Yuchai International Ltd listed on the New York Stock Exchang

Project Financing and Others
  • The first leasing of aircraft

    In 2001, Southern Airlines of China

  • The first power plant with overseas project financing

    In 2000, Shandong Rizhao Power Plant

  • The first nuclear power plant project

    In 1987, Dayawan Nuclear Power Plant

  • The first Sino-USA joint venture project

    In 1985, Pingshuo Coal Mine

Dispute Resolution
  • The first case of quite significant trademark ownership case in Chinese intellectual property

    In 2019, Yoovidhya Family ("Redbull" trademark) intellectual property disputes

  • The first maritime litigation case involving the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage of 1969

    In 2002, the “Yian Jiu You 2”case

  • The first case to apply the Docdex Regulations of the International Chamber of Commerce regarding a L/C dispute in litigation at a PRC court

    In 1996, Beijing Commercial Bank L/C case

  • The first successful case for recognition and enforcement of a foreign maritime arbitration award

    In 1993, the vessel “Garden Gate” case

  • The first maritime case involving the whole procedure from ship arresting to auction of ship

    In 1985, the vessel "Lago" case

  • The first case of a Chinese company defending a lawsuit in the USA

    In 1979, the “Firecracker Case”

  • The first arbitration case involving a PRC company in Stockholm

    Represented a joint-venture company based in Guangdong Province before the Arbitration Institute of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

International Trade
  • Represent China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) in the high-profile Section 301 investigation initiated by the U.S. with respect to China's technology acts, policies and practices in 2017.