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GLO advises on Huatai Securities’ US$1.3 billion bond issuances

Global Law Office has recently acted as the PRC counsel of the Managers and the Trustee in relation to Huatai Securities Company Limited (Huatai Securities)’s offering of US$800 million 1.3 per cent. bonds due 2024 and US$500 million 2.00 per cent. bonds due 2026. The bonds are issued by Pioneer Reward Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huatai Securities, and are unconditionally guaranteed by Huatai Securities. The Managers comprise a number of international and Chinese banks and securities companies, fully reflecting the market recognition of the issuances. The successful issuances are a milestone achievement of PRC financial issuers in the international bond market.


Huatai Securities is a leading technology-driven securities group in China. It was listed by way of GDR through the London-Shanghai Stock Connect on the London Stock Exchange (HTSC:LI) on 17 June 2019, which made Huatai Securities as an "A+H+G" listed financial institution.


Global Law Office acted as the PRC counsel to the Managers and the Trustee and provided a full range of legal services (including due diligence, review of prospectus and transaction documents, and issue of legal opinions). Our team is led by Beijing-based partners Xin Zhang and Xing Jin, and other team members include Yawen TanYalin Li and Yuqiao Hu.