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Awards & Rankings | GLO Honored in LEGALBAND 2020

The LEGALBAND 2020 has been announced on April 14, 2020.  GLO has retained its leading position in the field, winning recognitions in 28 practices (9 of those in Band 1), and 45 individuals have been named as Ranked Lawyers. 


This year, the ranking of GLO's "Compliance" practice has been promoted into top law firm.  Meanwhile, "Real Estate", "Capital Market", "M&A", "Tax" and "Restructuring & Insolvency". The strength of GLO's comprehensive business has been steadily improved recently, and we are committed to providing customers with all-round, one-stop legal services。



9 Practices in Band 1

  • Asset Securitization and Derivatives
  • Private Equity Investment and Venture Investment
  • Oversea Investment
  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Education
  • Cyber Security and Data
  • Compliance
  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate Merger & Acquisition


19 Practices were Highly Recommended

  • Shipping Finance
  • Real Estate
  • International Trade / World Trade
  • Intellectual Property: Non Litigation
  • Intellectual Property: Litigation
  • Labour
  • Dispute Resolution: Litigation
  • Anti-trist and Competition
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Telecom, Media and Technology
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Capital Market: Merger & Acquisition
  • Capital Market: Overseas Issuances
  • Capital Market: Domestic Issuances
  • Investment Funds
  • Infrastructure and Project Financing
  • Dispute Resolution: Arbitration
  • Tax
  • Bankruptcy Reorganization and Liquidation

45 Lawyers were Highly Recommended


Qing Ren, Shujun Liu

Banking and Fiance
Xin Zhang, Xiaolong Lin

Mingjiang Weng, Lei Zhou

Merger & Acquisition
Jinrong Liu, Zhigeng Fu

Cyber ecurity and Data
Xiaodong Wang

Dispute Resolution: Arbitration
Xiusong Xing

Dispute Resolution: Litigation
Zhao Li, Yue Wang, Jiuguang Zhao

Jinrong Liu

Zhao Li

Healthcare and Life Science
Lei Zhou, Zhigeng Fu, Miao Yu, Bojia Zhao

Infrastructure and Project Financing
Zhongcheng Wang, Xin Zhang

Intellectual Property: Litigation
Jia Gui, Zhanke Li

Intellectual Property: Non Litigation
Jia Gui

International Trade / World Trade
Guoliang Hang

Investment Funds
Guangying Dai, Yuan Yuan

Oversea Investment
Jinrong Liu

Private Equity Investment and Venture Investment
Weihua Lin, Jinrong Liu, Lei Yu, Miao Yu

Capital Market: Domestic Issuances
Jinrong Liu, Weicheng Liu

Capital Market: Overseas Issuances
Jinrong Liu, Cheng Li

Capital Market: Merger & Acquisition
Chengwei Liu

Asset Securitization and Derivatives
Xin Zhang, Wei Qin

Shipping Finance
Yifeng Gao

Sports and Entertainment
Min Wang, Zhiping Zhu

Telecom, Media and Technology
Lei Yu

Tourism & Hospitality
Yue Wang

Bankruptcy Reorganization and Liquidation
Jiuguang Zhao


GLO has been committing to the mission of "serving domestic and foreign clients with globalized vision, globalized team and globalized quality" since its inception, allowing the GLO to always maintain leading position in the industry in the midst of ever-changing global economic environment. Our lawyers are able to apply practical and constructive comprehensive legal solutions by integrating excellent professional law skills with sophisticated business knowledge so as to solve various complex and fast-changing matters. With leading professional innovative capabilities, we are adept at creatively designing transaction structures as well as details. Over the last 36 years, our expertise has helped set the agenda for change through precedents involving many of the country's "firsts".  

Driven by the principle of "Clients First, Quality Foremost", Global Law Office will constantly deliver exceptionally high-quality, ‘one-stop’ services across a diverse set of practice areas for a comprehensive range of industries and sectors.

The list of top Chinese law firms / lawyers in 2020 has been released by LEGALBAND. After several months' hardworking,  LEGALBAND's resident research team has carefully studied the application materials submitted by law firms and lawyers, and conducted in-depth research on customers and legal peers through, but not limited to, telephone and email. At the same time, by combining their long-term observation of China's legal market and Insight, the list were finally determined.

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